This Hairy Chest One-Piece Bathing Suit Has The Entire World Saying "WTF?"

hairy chest suit

Ladies, have you ever wanted to go to the beach or pool and have absolutely every guy nearby say, “EW WTF?!?” Well now’s your chance!

There’s a new one-piece swimsuit for sale that gives the appearance of having a hairy chest and back, and for God knows what reason, it’s absolutely going viral.

This creatively horrific garment has been produced by Beloved Shirts. And no, it’s not just a photoshop joke; the suit is currently on sale for $44.

Before you start gagging too hard, it doesn’t look like there’s any real hair involved in the suit. It’s just a clever print job. But you still have to ask… why?

Of course the “YAS” crowd of the internet is already saying they “need this in their lives.” Some are pointing out that they would make a great gag gift, or perhaps would be a hit at a bachelorette party that’s trying to keep all the men at least 100 yards away from them.

For the company that’s making them though, the publicity from this viral design is already a win – though they were sure to point out on Instagram that, “Yep – they’re real!”

And if you feel that a one-piece body hair bathing suit simply isn’t aggressive enough for you, they're also offering the body hair track suit, available for a cool $119.

Or you could just throw your cash in a dumpster fire?

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