Give Yourself A Smaller Nose With This Model-Approved Makeup Tip

Give Yourself A Smaller Nose With This Model-Approved Makeup Tip
Golden_Barbie via Instagram

Contouring is a blessing and curse. It's great to know there's a way to modify the shape of your face, but super annoying when you end up looking crazy with a bunch of dark lines all over your face. Though the celebs make it easy, the art of contouring is usually so hard.

But there are a few simple tricks you can add to your makeup routine to give a little bit of natural contour. You end up looking great and not like you spent hours reshaping your face.

Jasmine Sanders, a gorgeous model who goes by Golden Barbie on Instagram, just released a makeup tutorial with a great tip for the hardest place to contour. The nose.

We've heard to brush a light line down the center of the nose or tried a bunch of other tricks, but it's so hard to blend and always looks off.

Jasmine has simplified the whole thing. After applying your normal foundation, she gives you some places to highlight. But the game changer is the tiny bit of highlighter on the nose.

Using just a regular blush or foundation brush, pinch it in the middle so it'll draw a thin line. Then, instead of running a line down the length of your nose, place a bit of highlighter across the bridge of your nose. 

The highlighter adds a lifting effect to your nose without drastically changing it's shape. It's so simple and gives a bit of a thinning look in seconds.

It's obvious that it works on Jasmine, since she looks absolutely stunning in this simple, glamorous look.

Use your favorite highlighter, though it's best to use one that's not too white. Something light rose or peach toned, depending on your skin tone will blend better into your foundation while still bringing in some shine. 

We'll definitely be checking out more of Jasmine's tutorials for other model secrets and in the meantime, we'll definitely give this subtle highlighter look a try. Finally, a contoured look you can do in a matter of minutes!

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