Fans Think Calvin Harris Proposed And Taylor Rejected Him All Because Of This 'Look What You Made Me Do' Video 'Easter Egg'

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris
Getty Images

Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" music video came out daaays ago, yet fans are still finding new easter eggs everyday.

Whether it be Kimye shade, references to her sexual assault trial or crazy album theories, Swifties aren't leaving any detail behind.

And now, they think if you look close enough, Taylor took a shot at her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris in the video too.

Buzzfeed first pointed out that inside of Taylor's diamond bathtub, there is jewelry that seems to spell out the word "no." What's even more interesting is that fans think it resembles the necklace Calvin once gifted to Taylor for their one-year anniversary. While it might seem like a reach, fans think Tay Tay is implying she said "no" when Calvin proposed to her. 

Another Tumblr user pointed out an empty ring box in another scene, which fans think symbolizes a rejected marriage proposal. Yiiiikes! If you recall, Page Six did reveal that Harris was spotted ringing shopping around their breakup so...this theory does make sense.

Maybe that's why he's so bitter🤔?

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