Brides Are Now Forcing Their Bridesmaids To Lose Weight And Get Plastic Surgery

Jared Eygabroad / EyeEm via Getty Images

Agreeing to become a bridesmaid means also coming to terms with accepting a bunch of responsibilities. The long list includes buying a dress, attending or hosting bachelorette parties, helping plan the actual wedding, and being the bride's emotional punching bag. To put it simply, agreeing to become a bridesmaid is like accepting a part-time job, but that job does in no way entail undergoing plastic surgeries and going through drastic measures to lose weight. As outrageous as it sounds, there really are some cases where brides, or should I say, bridezillas, present their bridesmaids with deal-breaking conditions:  to alter their physical appearances before The Big Day.

The New York Post recently interviewed several brides and bridesmaids about this galling trend. One bride shed light on her shameless demand for bridesmaids to "get fit", saying that she only wants them to "feel pretty" and to "feel confident in themselves". To achieve this feign perfection, she asked them to get hair extensions and forbade them to wear swimsuits with straps at her bachelorette party to avoid getting undesirable tan lines. She even went as far as to asking one bridesmaid who just gave birth to "drop a few pounds", and another to have her earlobe cosmetically fixed in order to wear chandelier earrings to the wedding party. 

Another bride interviewed by the Post detailed on how she's planning to purchase clean eating meal plans for her bridal party so they could "look good and feel good" while they're standing next to her at the wedding. The bride, along with the rest of her crew would be dieting and exercising together, much like the Victoria's Secret Angels before they do their annual fashion show. They would also have coordinated yoga sessions and outdoor dance parties to make the workouts more bearable.

It's stories like these that really put things into perspective. These horrifying anecdotes reveal big-picture problems with the bridal industry and our societal response towards them. If you think about it, far-reaching weight loss methods are usually frowned upon, but people are quick to tolerate it (and sadly, sometimes even encourage) when it comes to The Big Day

Nothing can dampen a bridesmaid's spirit than to ask them to change how they look in order to meet your wedding's aesthetic standards. Don't do anything to put a strain on your friendship that it never recovers. Remember, your bridesmaids are your very best friends. They are your family. They are willing to drop everything for you, pounds excluded.

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