Blake Lively Rocks 2 Dresses At The Same Time And It Somehow Doesn't Look Lame

blake lively smiling
Anothony Harvey via Getty Images

Sometimes two is better than one. Where would we be without two elder Olsen sisters, vanilla and chocolate swirl ice cream machines, 2 Chainz, or the two sure-to-be-iconic buns in Beyoncé's oven? 

Blake Lively applied this logic at a recent appearance she made to promote her forthcoming film, Café Society. Instead of choosing between two pieces from Dianne von Furstenberg's 2017 resort collection, Lively decided that more was more and sprung for both. You'd never know it, though, by the effortless way she pulled it off.

Lively layered this sparkly blue number...

Diane von Furstenberg

...beneath this breezy wrap dress.

Diane von Furstenberg

Here's how the look turned out!

How cute is this?

So, here's the moral of the Tale of Two Dresses: you don't have to choose! Want to wear a dress over pants? Go for it! Rihanna's taught us that this look is ridiculously chic. Want to wear two dresses at once? You already know the answer to that one.

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