5 Apps Every Working Woman Needs To Keep Her Shit Together

mindy project

If you work from home, in an office, or in a bar — one of these apps is sure to come in handy no matter what job you do to pay the bills. Whether you want a better calendar or need help remembering your passwords, these five apps will help you keep your shit together. 

1. WorkTime: WorkTime is like a planner for your phone. It's especially good for people who have multiple jobs or a work schedule where your shifts constantly change. This app is for freelancers, bartenders, and baristas and anyone else who needs to keep track of constantly evolving work schedules. You can add notes and color code if you want to differentiate between multiple jobs or between a job and a chore.  

2. Sworkit: This app gives you guided video workouts, some as short as 5 minutes. If you need to take a midday break to get a little stretch in, this is the app for you. You can choose an easy, 7 minute, seated workout so that your colleagues won't even know that you're working your abs from behind your desk.

3. Freedom: The Freedom app is a godsend if you find yourself constantly distracted by social media when you're trying to work. Type in the apps or websites you want to avoid looking at plus the time frame, and you'll be able to get your work done without that persistent itch to check Instagram or Twitter. This app will cost you about $29 a year.

4. Google Assistant: At first, glance Google Assistant is basically just Siri. However, if you're traveling and have spotty access to wifi, Google Assistant lets you queue up search requests and then fires them off as soon as you get data or wifi. Literally talk into your phone, "Add lunch to schedule, find flights to New York, remind me to walk the dog, and track my amazon package," and the app will do it all as soon as you get an internet signal. Google Assistant is accessed through an app like Google Allo.  

5. Last Pass: This app is a lifesaver. If you, like us, can't remember all your passwords and can't remember to save them on multiple computers and phones, Last Pass is a master password that you can use to access all your favorite sites. It also records the answers to your "Secret Questions," because let's be real, we can never remember what we listed as the answer to those. 

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