Aaron Carter Tests Positive For A 'Scary' Combination Of Drugs On An Emotional New Episode Of 'The Doctors'

aaron carter on the doctors

Aaron Carter's year has gone from bad to worse to worser to worser-er, but it seems like he's finally reached a turning point: According to RadarOnline.com, the 29-year-old former child star just sat down for a lengthy interview on The Doctors to confront his demons — ALL of them.

Carter was invited on the daytime talk show to set the record straight about his personal drug use after facing online backlash for his emaciated appearance. The previews for his episode, which you'll see below, are far more emotional than we ever expected.

“I’m concerned about my overall health because people (online) tell me I look like I have AIDs or I look like I have cancer or I look like I’m dying,” Carter reveals as he wipes away tears.

In the beginning of the two-part segment, Carter undergoes a drug test that reveals traces of benzodiazepines and opioids in his system. While he tests negative for illicit drugs including meth and cocaine, cohost Dr. Travis Stork was still concerned about the singer's use of legal but unsafe medications such as Xanax, which Carter's used to relieve anxiety.

“What scares me about that drug panel is that your sister perished from a drug overdose,” Stork said, referring to Leslie Carter's 2012 death from prescription drug overdose. “You have a mixture of benzodiazepines with opiates, which is how many people accidentally can die. These medications — and I’m speaking now purely from the doctor’s perspective — can be very, very scary.”

Carter told Stork that he wasn't using anything illegal, but did admit that he's done illegal things to obtain drugs, getting them off the street from time to time.

When later asked if he was afraid of accidentally overdosing, Carter recounted a memory from his sister's funeral.

“There’s always that worry, but there’s also the fact that I had to kiss my sister goodbye in the coffin. I had to kiss her right on her cheek and I kept kissing her,” he said. “And that was a scary thing. My family knows, before I did the show The Doctors, they knew that I was taking Xanax and stuff like that and that I was going to actual psychiatrists to do that. I know that there is no happy ending to any of those medications.”

It's clear that Carter knows he needs help, which is a great starting point for recovery. Let's just hope he gets on the mend sooner rather than later. 

Check out the rest of the preview for Carter's Doctors interview below before catching the full episodes on TV Wednesday and Thursday:

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